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Restoration Retreat.

Welcome to your next-level self. A journey through healing and self-development.


Heal yourself, change 
your life.

Restoration Retreat is a safe space where you can come to restore communication, connection and intimacy. A place where you can restore your entire being through healing, play and letting go. A place where you can deepen your awareness, break down barriers and make space for fun, innovation, creation and more.




"Melisa took me through a session recently and it was amazing, to say the least. I immediately felt safe and secure, and was able to really be vulnerable because Mel had created such a beautiful, loving and supportive atmosphere. In the short session we had together I had multiple breakthroughs, which enabled me to really connect to my inner child and heal some things that have been with me for a while. Even though our session was a couple of months ago now, I'm still feeling the after-effects of these breakthroughs in my life. It is truly freeing. Mel knows what she is doing and she's not afraid to get as deep as you will allow her to go, without judgement. Thanks so much Mel!"


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