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My Story

Hi, my name is Mel, and I am the founder of Restoration Retreat. The idea of Restoration Retreat came about after I experienced many life-changing events that brought me to a point where I had to restore my body, mind, spirit, and soul. After leaving a toxic relationship and subsequently undergoing emergency surgery, I was told I would likely be unable to have children. It was the perfect time to truly focus on my own healing journey.

For the first time in my life, I was truly listening to my body and realized that it was unhealthy to operate at the pace I had been. I had been working as a Property Coach in the real estate industry for over 10 years, putting in a minimum of 50-60 hours a week.

While recovering from my surgery, trying to comprehend the prospect of never being a mother, and figuring out my next steps, I watched Netflix to pass the time. I came across "Sex, Love & Goop" with Gwyneth Paltrow, featuring Michaela Boehm. I had seen Michaela's work before and had always been interested in it. Seeing her again reignited a fire in me. I instantly decided that I wanted to meet her and work with her somehow. I wanted her to be my teacher and help me navigate this new industry that was completely new to me. (You can read more about Michaela's amazing work here). 

At that time, many people around me were on the brink of divorce. I could see they loved each other but were lacking intimacy, connection, and communication. After going through my own healing journey, I realized how passionate I was about helping others heal themselves and helping couples rekindle their love and connection, reigniting joy, playfulness, and intimacy.

Fast forward three years, and I am in the relationship I always dreamed of having. I am a mother to my little girl, Luna. I am also a Self-Directed Healing Practitioner, and I had the incredible opportunity to have Michaela as my teacher for both "The Wild Woman’s Way Circle" Practitioner Training and "Intimacy and Connection Couples" Practitioner Training.

Now, I get to help others every day. As a Self-Directed Healing Practitioner, I help individuals heal themselves. I also hold women's circles, bringing women together monthly, and I host retreats to help couples reconnect with themselves and each other.

Restoration Retreat

 It’s a safe space where you can come to restore communication, connection and intimacy. A place where you can restore your entire being through healing, play and letting go. A lifechanging experience that will change your entire being. 


A place where you can deepen your awareness, breakdown barriers and make space for fun, innovation, creation, deeper orgasms and more. A place where you can restore your relationship with yourself and your partner. 

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